More Time for Studying Means More Time for Fun.

When was the last time you checked your phone? You’ve probably reached into your pocket within the last few minutes — and you’re certainly not alone. In one survey, 75 percent of U.S. college students said that their phones “never left their sides,” and an astounding 97 percent used their phones for social networking.

There’s always the temptation to finish a level of your favorite game or to check in with friends on Twitter or Facebook — in fact, if you’re a typical mobile user, you might notice yourself subconsciously checking your phone every few minutes during study sessions. This becomes more problematic as you get closer and closer to your deadlines; procrastination feels satisfying, and it’s easy to form bad habits that take you out of your rhythm.

Build better smartphone habits with Healthy App. By monitoring usage on your Android device, Healthy App helps you find new ways to live better. It can block access to overused apps, show you how you spend your time and compare your statistics to friends and family members.

If you could shut off your distractions and focus on your work, you’d have more time for everything else. You’d have less stress, a more consistent schedule and — in most cases — better grades.

Healthy App is an Android application that lets you monitor smartphone usage and block access to problem apps. By reinforcing good habits and creating effective triggers to discourage bad habits, it puts you back in control of your smartphone. You can set goals, study harder and work with friends to get better grades (not to mention a little more free time).



🏆 Build Better Study Habits.

Easily monitor your smartphone usage and identify problem apps. Healthy App shows you exactly where you’re spending your time, allowing you to create effective customized goals and compare your progress to other users.


🔒 Prevent Access to Time-Wasting Apps.

Powerful prevention features let you completely block access to apps once you’ve exceeded your daily or weekly limits. Instead of reading through social media updates or playing another video game level, you’ll be greeted with a friendly message that reminds you to keep your priorities in line.


👥 Use Peer Pressure to Your Advantage.

Your friends, parents and mentors can help you stay on task. Healthy App lets you give control to another user, adding a strong incentive to keep you focused and improving your chances of success.


⏳ Spend Less Time Worrying About Your Schoolwork.

As you develop better habits, the old habits will disappear; you’ll spend more quality time studying and less time procrastinating. Use your free time however you’d like — visit with friends, go for a walk outside or catch up on your sleep. When you’re not wasting time on your phone, you enjoy less stress, more energy, and the confidence that comes from a more organized life.