No More Phones at the Dinner Table

Your child’s smartphone can be an exceptional educational tool — or a major distraction. In the United States, three out of every four children have access to a mobile device1. Access is growing, and so is addiction; gaming, social networking, and instant messaging applications are hard to resist, especially for younger children who haven’t developed solid self discipline skills. Bad habits can form quickly and leave parents with limited options.

It’s not a minor problem. Mobile addiction can lead to unhealthy lifestyle choices, poor productivity and even lower grades — not to mention fewer quality interactions with family members. Give your child the resources he or she needs to stay focused and on task by setting strict limits and goals with Healthy App.

Healthy App is an Android application that puts you in control of your child’s smartphone or tablet. With a simple interface, powerful features and a clear, positive approach, it lets you block access to wasteful applications while rewarding good habits. For parents, it means clear boundaries, less stress and more time with your kids — not their phones.


Find Better Ways to Spend Your Time.


🏆 Set Clear Goals and Monitor Progress.

Healthy App monitors app usage and provides parents with simple reports. See exactly how much time your children are spending with their mobile devices and easily identify areas for improvement.


🔒 Limit Access to Addictive Applications.

Set clear daily or weekly goals for every app. And if your child exceeds the set timeframe for a certain application, Healthy App prevents access and provides a friendly message. You stay informed and receive notifications when your child exceeds his time limits.


👍 Reward Accomplishments.

Encourage self discipline by rewarding your children with additional time for gaming or social networking. After finishing chores, homework or other key tasks, kids can ask their parents to approve a temporary goal extension.

Take control of your child’s smartphone. Visit our homepage to learn more about Healthy App or enter your email address below to get started.