Find More Productive Ways to Use Your Smartphone.

Your smartphone is an essential tool for your career. It allows you to easily communicate with colleagues, schedule meetings and stay in touch with important clients. Without your phone, you’re simply not connected — but if you’re not careful, your phone can also become a major distraction.

Bad phone habits can have a tremendous effect on your productivity. If you spend your working hours checking for sports news or chatting with family members online, you’ll often end up taking your work home with you, or worse, you’ll miss out on important career opportunities.

Take control of your daily routine. By monitoring usage on your Android device, Healthy App helps you find new ways to live better. It can block access to overused apps, show you how you spend your time and compare your statistics to friends and family members.

Healthy App is an Android application that monitors smartphone usage and restricts access to problematic apps. Limit your Facebook usage to 20 minutes per day or cut instant messaging time to an hour a week; by using Healthy App’s powerful tools, you can set custom goals in seconds and compare your achievements with friends and colleagues. It’s a better way to keep your focus.



Find Better Ways to Spend Your Time.


🏆 Improve Your Workflow.

See exactly how you’re spending your time and create clear goals to improve your habits. Healthy App gives you intuitive graphs and usage information, allowing you to easily identify areas for improvement and make adjustments as needed.


🔒 Stay On Task by Blocking Addictive Apps.

A robust blocking feature lets you stick to your goals by automatically restricting access to social media, video games and other problem apps. When you exceed your daily or weekly limits, you’ll know that it’s time to get to work.


👥 Coordinate with Teams or Work Groups.

Compare statistics with colleagues and create group goals to improve productivity. Set rewards for using work-related apps or use the Lifeline feature for an additional incentive — if you exceed your goals for a problem app, another user will decide whether you need more time.


🚀 Create Lasting Habits.

Because Healthy App breaks your habit cycles and rewards productive behaviors, it’s the fastest way to cut down on unnecessary smartphone usage. You’ll be more organized, more motivated and more successful.