Are you using

your time wisely?

It’s your most valuable resource

Healthy App lets you eliminate bad habits by monitoring app usage on your Android smartphone or tablet. You can set goals, identify patterns and compare yourself to other users. It’s a secure and effective way to spend less time on your phone — and more time on your life. Healthy App is currently in beta, but you can read about some of the main features on this site. To stay informed and to get early access, enter your email address below.

Find Better Ways to Spend Your Time.

Set Daily or Weekly Smartphone Goals.

Just as you use your smartphone to set exercise and dietary goals, you can regain control of your habits by setting realistic targets. Whether you want to cut your Facebook usage to an hour a day or limit video games to five hours a week, Healthy App lets you set up a personalized plan and monitor your progress over time. As you get closer to your time limits, you’ll receive warning notifications, and you’ll begin to consciously decide when to use or avoid unproductive apps.


View Detailed Usage Statistics.

Healthy App shows you exactly how you’re using your time, allowing you to locate the source of productivity issues and set healthier personal goals. You’ll be able to view intuitive graphs and find detailed usage information with a few taps. Show off to friends and family members or check the global statistics to see how you’re progressing compared to other Healthy App users.

Prevent Access to Overused Apps.

When you pass your set limits, Healthy App locks down unproductive applications and sends you a friendly reminder.

Need a little more time? You can choose to send a request to a friend, parent or employer, who will decide whether or not to extend your goals. Parents can give their children a time “allowance,” adding more time for chores, homework and other productive activities, and friends can positively use peer pressure to keep each other focused.

Break Your Bad Phone Habits

Your mobile device can be a powerful tool, but social media websites and other distractions can quickly derail your efforts to stay productive. 

Once bad phone habits have taken hold, they’re difficult to break; one study found that smartphone users consult their devices an average of 150 times per day, and 58 percent of users check for updates once an hour or more.

Smartphone abuse isn’t entirely a question of willpower. Habits trigger the reward centers of our brains and function on a subconscious level, and many people aren’t even aware that they’ve become addicted to their devices (if you’ve ever reached for your phone and checked your email without realizing what you’re doing, you’ve probably developed the addiction).

Healthy App is designed to break the habit cycle, preventing overuse of target apps while creating new rewards that reinforce the user’s self control. After installing the app on your Android device, you can see exactly how you spend your time and identify potential areas for improvement. You can set goals and automatically lock out access to certain programs if you’re spending too much time with them; you can even give the unlock controls to a friend or parent, reducing the temptation to cheat.

You gain a set of powerful tools to reduce your smartphone dependency, and the versatile features are an excellent resource for parents, employers and self-motivated individuals. At the same time, Healthy App is a remarkably simple program with an easy-to-use interface. You can quickly set new time targets, track app usage, earn rewards and share your achievements with friends and family members. It’s an easy and effective way to build healthier phone habits.